Tanzania Island (Zanzibar)


The Zanzibar archipelago consists of Unguja Island (also known as Zanzibar Island) and Pemba Island, both have beaches and wonderful water activities. The history slave trade and routes in the East African Coast and the islands are also fascinating. If you are in South of the Zanzibar Archipelago, there is small island of Mafia Archipelago which is known to provide the best diving and fishing activities. You can also visit a historical town like Stone town and UNESCO world heritage site.


Some of the activities are South Island Dolphin tour, Dhow sunset traditional tour, deep-sea fishing, diving, guided reef walks, guided sailing, parasailing, kite-surfing and jet-skiing. 

Coast and Beaches

Likewise to Zanzibar, the whole of coast of mainland of Tanzania (from North bordering from Kenya to Mozambique) is a coastal area with many beach destinations. Many beaches are not full populated with visitors and they have beautiful sand and you can enjoy the sun and tranquillity.