Why Tanzania

Karibu Sana Tanzania

Tanzania is one of the most peaceful countries in Africa. For many years Tanzania has been considered as one of the best tourist attractions in Africa due to its stable political system and respect for human rights. 

Map of Tanzania

People of Tanzania and culture

Tanzania is home to over 51 million people who co-exist peacefully and positively and with more than 120 different languages spoken and around 125 tribes the country is a lively mixture of culture, religion and cuisine. The majority of Tanzanians live a traditional lifestyle. 

Approximately 70% of the Tanzanians are subsistence farmers. The Maasai people, favoured by photographers for their strikingly colourful decor, live a pastoral life with their herds of cattle searching for a better grazing area. Their “villages” are located throughout Northern Tanzania. There are other small tribes of hunter-gathers which live according to their ancient customs and traditions in Northern Tanzania.


DaMona considers cultural components of any safari to be an integral and essential element. All DaMona guides are Tanzanian born and an excellent resource to help you gain greater insight into local culture. 

As we drive between parks, we will pass many villages and Maasai Bomas (houses) to offer you glimpses into the actual life of the Tanzanian people.