Tanzania as a holiday destination / Karibu sana Tanzania

For years now, Tanzania has been considered one of the best tourist destinations in Africa because of the country’s stable political system and respect for human rights. More than 65 million people, including 120 tribes and about 120 languages, exist together in harmony.

The people & culture of Tanzania

Tanzania is a country with a very diverse population and rich culture. There are more than 120 ethnic groups, each with their own language, habits, and traditions. The biggest ethnic groups are the Sukuma, Chagga, and Haya, and they all have their own unique characteristics and traditions.

The Tanzanian culture is characterised by a deep respect for elders and traditional rituals and ceremonies. Ngoma-dancing and Maasai-jump dancing – often photographed because of their strikingly colourful clothing – are some of the many traditions that are practised throughout the country. Besides these traditional activities, music is also an important part of Tanzanian culture. People use the language and rhythm of different musical genres to tell stories.

The people of Tanzania are well known for their kindness and hospitality, which contributes to the country’s charm. The Tanzanians’ lifestyle is strongly connected to nature and agriculture and animal husbandry are important sources of revenue, especially in rural areas.

DaMona considers the Tanzanian culture to be an integral and essential part of any safari. All DaMona guides are of Tanzanian descent and they would love to tell you about the local culture. In transit between the National Parks, you will pass many villages where you will get an impression of the Tanzanians’ everyday lives.