Gombe Stream National Park

Gombe Steam NP is a national park in West Tanzania. It originated in 1968 and is one of the smallest national parks in Tanzania, with only 35km2 (13,5 sq. mi) of protected land across the hills of the eastern bank of the Tanganyika lake.

The terrain is characterised by steep valleys and the vegetation varies from grasslands to forests to tropical rainforests.

The park is only accessible by boat and is known as the location where Jane Goodall pioneered her behaviour study of the common chimpanzee populations. The Kasakela chimpanzee society, which has appeared in different books and documentaries, lives in Gombe National Park.

Besides Chimpanzees, there are also baboons, red colobus, red-tailed monkeys and vervet monkeys. The park is home to more than 200 bird species and bush pigs. There are also many types of snakes and sometimes hippos and African leopards.