Serengeti migration

The Serengeti migration is seen as one of the ‘seven new wonders of nature’. It is an unbelievable event during which millions of wildebeests, zebras and gazelles travel through Tanzania and Kenya in search of food and water. It is one of the most impressive animal migrations in the world and, each year, it attracts thousands of visitors to the Serengeti National Park, an area of more than 14.000 km (5700 sq mi). The migration is not only a spectacle to behold, but it also plays a crucial role in the preservation of the ecosystem. Wildebeests are important when it comes to the spread of seeds and the conservation of grasslands, while also being an important source of food for predators.
Don’t miss this unique opportunity to experience the Serengeti migration.

January – March:

At the beginning of the year, the Serengeti migration takes place in the southern part of the Serengeti, where the wildebeests and other migrating animals are looking for fresh grass and water. This is a calmer period, but still an amazing time to see the migration without the crowds of tourists.

April – June:

During this period, the migration travels to the north, where the rain provides fertile grasslands. The young wildebeests are born during this time, which means that a lot of predators will be around, looking for food. It is fascinating to behold how the young animals take part in the migration.

Juli – October:

This is the most popular time to see the Serengeti migration. During this period, the wildebeests cross the Mara river which is a dangerous and spectacular event because of the crocodiles that are waiting for them in the river. It truly is an unforgettable experience to see the migration in full swing.

November – December:

The migration returns to the South of the Serengeti, where they complete the circle of life and ready themselves for the birth of their calves. It is also an amazing time to spot birds because a lot of migratory birds return to the area.

All in all, the Serengeti migration is a yearly occurring event that is always fascinating and spectacular to behold, whichever time of the year you visit. You see: you can have an unforgettable safari all year round. We at DaMona are happy to advice you!